Rx for Falls

Welcome to the Falls Rx Tool page!

Click HERE or on the image below for a PDF with live links.

Sign up for a program and complete a home safety check!

Click HERE to learn about evidence-based falls prevention programs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not see a current workshop in your area of the state, complete this form and we will get you connected to a class.

Health Care Providers:

Use the CDC STEADI algorithm to screen and assess for fall risk. Use these links for the Stay Independent 12-Question Screening Tool Brochure and the Online Falls Free Check-up. Indicate why the patient may be at risk of falling, encourage the patient to complete the home safety assessment on the back side of the Falls Rx Tool, and to register for a program.

Download the complete Rx form HERE for your in-office falls risk assessment and patient referral process.

To ensure referrals to programs:

  • Encourage patients to sign up for a program using the Falls Rx Tool following their visit;
  • Refer patients directly through NCCARE360 to the Healthy Aging NC Initiative at the NC Center for Health and Wellness or through our website referral form;
  • Embed the website referral form into your EHR so that you or a practice/care manager can refer the patient directly;
  • Contact us to discuss what might work for your practice.