Become a County-Level Champion Today!

A county-level falls prevention champion is an individual who is interested in taking a proactive and dedicated role in promoting falls prevention initiatives within their local county community. Falls prevention initiatives require collective commitment, and these champions play a crucial part in extending the reach and impact of these efforts. They work towards fostering a culture of safety, support, and education throughout the county, actively engaging with their communities. These champions volunteer their time and expertise in ways that suit their schedules and interests, making significant contributions to the cause of falls prevention. Importantly, anyone in the county can become a champion, and multiple champions can coexist within a single county. Furthermore, they can also serve as regional coalition members, acting as liaisons between their county and the broader state-level falls prevention efforts.

The NC Falls Prevention Coalition (NCFPC) is looking for at least one person in each county who is interested in preventing falls.

We are excited that you are interested in learning more about becoming a county-level falls prevention champion.

As a champion, there are many ways you can make a difference in your community, such as:

  1. Learn more about how to prevent falls and the risks associated to share with others. Become a resource in your community and help others stay safe and healthy.
  2. Talk to other community members. Start conversations with your peers. Spread the word about the importance of preventing falls and inspire others to get involved.
  3. Take action. Share information, such as brochures or home safety checklists, to raise awareness about preventing falls and to encourage others to take action to prevent falls. Stay active to maintain your strength and encourage others to join you.

Please complete this interest form with your contact information and we will follow up with more information.

We look forward to connecting with you and discussing next steps.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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