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How can you advocate for falls prevention? Check out these resources!



State and Regional Coalitions Flyer

State Coalition Flyer

Regional Coalition Flyer (can be modified for each regional coalition to add local contact information)

Older Adult Outreach Flyer – This flyer is created to engage older adults in falls prevention coalitions. We encourage community-based organizations, YMCAs, senior centers, libraries, etc. to share widely.

This one-page resource includes links to falls prevention toolkits, organized by level of care, from international, national, and state/regional sources. Each toolkit is a collection of unique materials to aid organizations, communities, and individuals in implementing effective fall prevention programs and practices.

Falls Prevention Toolkits – Download HERE!

The following shared values and guiding principles shape the planning, implementation, and evaluation of our action plan and need to be integrated and considered at each step. A self-assessment checklist based on these guiding principles guide their integration into each action step, and it also will serve as a tool to evaluate how well that step adhered to the principles as it is completed.

Please consult this Guiding Principles checklist as you create and evaluate action plan resources and materials.

In order to promote a comprehensive and coordinated body of work and increase broad understanding of the issues related to falls prevention, it is critical to ensure consistent falls prevention messaging. This Consistent Messaging one-pager will be used to guide communication. 

Consistent messaging is a guiding principle of the NC Falls Prevention Coalition (NCFPC) 2021-2025 Action Plan. Consistent messaging ensures that resources shared by NCFPC members include appropriate, accurate, clear, positive, encouraging, inclusive, and empowering fall prevention language across the continuum of care. This Consistent Messaging for Fall Prevention Education Outreach Toolkit highlights examples of consistent messaging to be included in materials created by the coalition, guiding questions, and reliable resources.

NC- Specific Sources Handbook

For additional statewide falls data, please visit the data page.