2022 FPAW Placemats

Strengthening Community Connections in Falls Prevention

We are excited to share the winners of the Placemat Contest for FPAW 2022.
In no particular order, the top 4 winning placemats were submitted by Kim Emory, Brooke Adams, Kristen Scarano and Jennifer Barraclough.  
The judges awarded an Honorable Mention to Alissa Andrewsbrown‘s submission for the best incorporation of the FPAW theme on page 2.

Thank you to all participants and judges for a successful contest.

Helpful tips for using the placemats:

  • Use the arrows on each side of the placemat to navigate through the different entries.
  • Click the oval tile that says “Click Here” to view the selected placemat.
  • To download, click the “Click Here” tile, then use the download function and save it as a PDF.
  • Edit the PDF to add your logo using Adobe or other tool.