2021-2025 Action Plan

The N.C. Falls Prevention Coalition Action Plan is designed to reduce the number of injuries and deaths due to falls among older adults and adults at risk for falling in North Carolina over the next five years.

Since 2008, the N.C. Falls Prevention Coalition has brought together diverse stakeholders to focus on the public health issue of falls. Released during Falls Prevention Awareness Week Sept. 21-25, 2020, the 5-year Action Plan includes input from over 40 partners from across the state and all 180 coalition members were invited to contribute.  It is a living document and will be updated regularly as we make progress collectively on each objective and action step. Please visit this page for more information about the planning process and our 2012-2013 action plan.

Goal #1: Enhance opportunities for collaboration & networking among falls prevention partners

Enhance opportunities for collaboration

  • Share innovation and best practices
  • Strengthen connections between coalitions
  • Develop local adaptable resources
  • Connect all 100 counties
  • Collaborate across the continuum of care
  • Identify & engage partners using the Shared Risk and Protective Factors framework
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Goal #2: Prevent falls through comprehensive and coordinated clinical and community integration

Prevent falls through clinical and community integration

  • Use Shared Risk & Protective Factors Framework
  • Ensure quality resources
  • Increase provider access to resources
  • Promote core competency training
  • Promote effective referral pathways
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Goal #3: Increase public awareness efforts and statewide advocacy for policies and systems.

Increase public awareness and statewide advocacy

  • Gather and analyze data
  • Leverage regional coalitions
  • Increase public access to resources
  • Promote Falls Prevention Awareness Week
  • Develop a social marketing campaign
  • Create an advocacy resource hub
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